Heat and frost insulators fabricate, assemble and apply insulation materials to plumbing, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems, as well as piping equipment and pressure vessels, to reduce the passage of heat, cold, sound, smoke or fire.

Attention to Detail.

Enjoys variety of work.

Good with heights/ different climates.


  • Applying and securing insulation.
  • Measuring and cutting insulating material using hand and power tools.
  • Installing vapour, fire and smoke barriers.
  • Applying waterproofing cement over insulating materials to finish surfaces.
  • Reading and interpreting specifications to select the type of insulation required.

Key Skills & Attributes

(technical training and on the job)

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent problem solver.
  • Job task planning and organizing.
  • Works well with others and independently.

What You’ll Need

Entrance Requirements

High school or equivalent. Complete a four-year apprenticeship program. Once you successfully complete the required on-the-job training, technical training and exams, you are awarded a journeyperson certificate.

Apprenticeship Program: 3-4 years, includes technical training, on-the-job training and exam. Red Seal certificate awarded after successful completion.

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Hourly Pay

Approx. $36.90- $44.75

(Based on journeyperson)

Projected Construction Worker Retirements

~ 8,100 by 2029*

*BuildForce Canada

Did You Know?

Heat and frost insulators significantly lower energy costs and help create a lighter carbon footprint (they have been “green” for more than 100 years!).